Join Me !

Lets return Honor, Integrity, Character, Fair Play and  Responsibility

to Moore County Government


The Moore County Commissioner's Court, which is presided over by the County Judge, must become more transparent and responsive to the citizens of Moore County. Meetings are currently held on weekday (usually Monday) mornings, commencing at 9:00 AM. Working citizens who wish to participate or attend are not usually able to take off work to do so. The Commissioner's Court and County Judge serve the citizens, not the other way around. Though weekday mornings are convenient to the court they are not so for everyone else. In our modern world there are easy ways for this to change. Why haven't they?
Your County Judge should be available to YOU, the citizen who he serves. He should also be responsive to you when you contact him. Easily found email and phone numbers are just the start.

Your County Judge must have the Honesty, Integrity and Character to shoot straight with you. He should be more interested in telling you factual, truthful information, not in giving lip service to what he thinks you want to hear just to placate you. In other words, he should not be a typical "politician".


As the presiding officer of the Commissioner's Court and the face of Moore County your County Judge should always put the interests of all ahead of the interests of a few. As the Presiding Officer of the County Commission the County Judge has the ability to guide the commission by setting agendas, bringing issues and topics before the commission and discussing the pros and cons, right and wrong of them. It is his job to see that laws are followed and that every citizen of the county is treated fairly and properly.


Moore County is well positioned for growth. We have transportation and communication networks and a hard working population. All that we need to do is to seek out industry and sell ourselves to businesses looking for outstanding communities to relocate to.


Your tax dollars matter! The County MUST NEVER conduct business in such a way that the few are rewarded at the expense of the many. The county treasury is NOT a slush fund, it represents the blood, sweat and tears of those who are taxed and should be used to provide only those services and to pay for those projects which are necessary to benefit the county as a whole. Every tax increase is a burden on those who pay those taxes.

Isn't it about time we end the practice of having a few families, cliques or "dynasties" ruling over the affairs of the county? Join me in breaking this cycle. Policy making politicians are like diapers, they should be changed often. (Pardon me for invoking Ronald Reagan, but he was right and he said it best!)