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Terry reading the Declaration of Independence at the Moore County Courthouse July 4th Celebration


A Lifetime of Service and Commitment to Country and Community

I am a son, husband, father and grandfather. I have been married to the same wonderful woman since 1975. We have raised two daughters and have two grandchildren.


I wasn't born in Dumas, but I got here as quick as I could and my family and I have made Dumas our home for the past 21 years.


Like my father, my father-in-law and my brother-in-law I served my Country as a United States Marine. A title that is always earned, never given and which stays with you for life.

In the Corps I learned to lead by example and to lead from the front. By the time I was honorably discharged I had attained the rank of Staff Sergeant.

After the Marine Corps I became a police officer, graduating the Panhandle Regional Police Academy in 1977. I first served as a patrolman. Later I was selected to serve on a special squad of 5 (on a 135 man department) answerable to the Assistant Chief. We performed public safety anti-gang activities in a very violent oilfield boomtown (Odessa). I eventually became a deputy sheriff in Moore County in 1984.

For a few years I entered the business world. I owned and operated a coin operated laundry, worked in commercial real estate sales and leasing and for a time was a vice-president for a marketing company. For several years I also owned and operated a private investigations firm, which I closed to take advantage of an opportunity in the District Attorney's Office.

In 1999 I was approached and asked if I was interested in working as the Criminal Investigator for the 69th Judicial District Attorney. I accepted and after the election took office on January 01, 2001. I worked there, serving the citizens of Moore County, for 20 years until I retired from that position on December 31, 2020.

Being elected to the position of Moore County Judge has been my goal since 1984 when I first became acquainted with Judge Jack Powell. I determined then that when I reached this point in my life that I would stand for election for Moore County Judge.

Over the intervening years I have acquired the leadership skills and experience to perform those tasks necessary to have a very successful term of office.

I served in various capacities with the Texas District and County Attorney's Association, Investigator Section. From 2006 through the end of 2020 I served as Chairman of the Advisory Board. Between 2002 and 2020 I was elected to 4 separate 4 year terms on the Board of Directors of the association section and an unprecedented 4 separate terms as Chairman of that board as well. Those positions prepared me well for the tasks associated with presiding over the Commissioner's Court.

Building coalitions, setting agendas, preparing and presiding over meetings, all while leading from the front in order to serve the diverse interests and needs of my colleagues and associates in that association are all similar to the tasks of a county judge.

As a strong "America First" Republican I am, like you, distressed with the direction our country is going. It has been said that "all politics is local". I believe that is true. I also believe with Ronald Reagan that politicians need to be changed often. I will not, repeat NOT, become an entrenched politician and try to hold office for life. Right now I am only interested in being elected and serving a successful term by doing my absolute best for the People of Moore County!

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