ENDORSEMENTS well, maybe not really endorsements, but you get the idea.

Below is the content of an email I received from an appreciative family:

A Personal “Thank You” From The Family of (name withheld as a courtesy)

Deceased Victim

Thu, Aug 24, 2017, 9:53 AM


I want to thank you for your personal follow-up note, having the opportunity to meet you was one of the few redeeming things that was associated with (name withheld as a courtesy) sentencing hearing.

I sent a note to you through the DA's email address before I received your note...hope it got to you, and I asked that a copy of that note that I sent be provided to David Green, I wanted him to know how appreciative we all were of the work & time invested in this matter before it came before the Judge. While there is nothing that will bring (name withheld as a courtesy) back to us, there was some closure for us when we heard Judge Enns pronounce sentence. What I said to you and Larry Fadler before we left the courtroom remains---I have no idea how you do this job on a day-to-day basis---I know that it means that you have developed a strong constitution, and I suspect the truth of it is that there are but a few people who can handle the responsibility...it was to our family's benefit that you are one of them.

Also appreciated your personal email address---you are indeed the "papa bear". While I don't know for sure, I can see some grandkids bouncing on the Papa Bear's knee. Old Marines make good Papa Bears.

I (we) are deeply appreciative of the work, and your professionalism that you invested in the (name withheld as a courtesy) investigation. The reality is that there are just some people who for whatever reason are not suited to live among the general population because they cannot/won't follow the laws that the rest of us have chosen to comply with...we all make mistakes, but the difference is that most of us accept the responsibility and accountability when we do. (name withheld as a courtesy) does/did none of that. Perhaps the reality of state prison will get his attention...like the well-placed boot of a USMC Drill Instructor.

I am glad that you were where you were when our family needed you. It's an inadequate statement, but it's sincere...


Semper Fi Brother

(name withheld as a courtesy)

This is a copy of a letter from a defendant who I helped sentence to 12 years in prison:

granado letter.jpg

And a note of appreciation from the head of the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

Beckys note.jpg

The three handprints you see here are representative of over 33 sets that were on the "Victory Wall" in the witness waiting room at the DA's office while I was there. They were all placed there after the child victim of sexual assault testified to show that they were no longer "victims", that they had shown the light of day on the dark deeds done to them. I remember them all and they mean a great deal to me!

pic of handprint 2.jpg
pic of handprint 3.jpg
pic of handprint.jpg

This is a message from an old friend and colleague who has known me for over 40 years.


"Message: To the good citizens of Moore County;

    I have known Terry Vogel since the start of both of our careers in law enforcement in 1977 at the Canyon Police Department.

    You will not find a man with more integrity, stronger work ethic, and pure determination to serve his community and keep its citizens safe.

    Terry is deeply invested in Moore County and will serve with leadership, fairness, and honor as your County Judge.


Phillip Maxwell

Retired Supervisory Deputy United States Marshal

Midland, Texas"